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Craft Wars - Takes you on an Adventure across the galaxy of the Empire. Build star-ships and sail the seas, be creative. Or hunt for gold and fight enemies and monsters like a space pirate, be a survivor. Colonize new worlds be an explorer.

Choose your side in single player as the dark-side or the light, or online in multiplayer. Play with your friends or create your own server. Also you can join one of the dedicated Minetest servers.

Customize your game to add blocks, tools and features as you progress.

Multiple world types to go on many grand adventures. Several types of terrain, deserts, forests, Iceland Tundra, water worlds, swamp lands, plateaus, grasslands, Rockies, wild beast fields, mountain peaks, endless worlds.

Fly by jet-pack across the huge worlds. Collect Jewels. Gather special powers. Fight monsters. Build your empire and discover new worlds with your friends.

Some features in this mod:

🌟 Faster game loading;

🌟 Cell shading graphics textures;

🌟 Smooth world rendering;

🌟 Massive worlds;

🌟 Fluid control mechanics;

🌟 Vast skies, jet-pack to the skies;

🌟 Empire goons, Spiders, Skeletons, Zombies and more hostile enemies to challenge you;

🌟 Interactive Livestock and other non-playable characters;

🌟 Intelligent Artificial Intelligence;

🌟 Single and Multi-player modes;

English and Russian languages supported, more languages coming in next update.

Craft Wars is a work of fiction, unaffiliated with any Disney or Lucas-arts characters.

Craft Wars mod is based on the original Minetest Open Source Project Source code, licensed under LGPLv3. License and source code can be found on this site.

Before using any part of the Minetest project source code you must fully read the license and accept its terms.

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